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Our mission is to empower and integrate Third Age people, Women and Immigrants through education, culture and technology.

Our vision is Third Age people, Women and Immigrants to gain a leading role in the productive chain as well as in market and social development.

Through cultural, technological and educational projects, we support the three main categories affected by the demographic change:

Third age

  • We empower Third Age people
  • We promote active aging
  • We reinforce intergenerational solidarity
  • We recognize Third Age people as a key player in the productive procedure
  • We upgrade Third Age people’s position in the community


  • We promote gender equality in the working sector
  • We advocate women’s education
  • We upgrade women’s position in the community
  • We encourage women having multiple roles

Second Generation Immigrants

  • We establish preconditions for immigrants’ social integration
  • We support interculturalism and exchange
  • We promote immigrants’ education and mobilization
  • We reinforce immigrants’ right to work legally

#1: Expression workshop 65+

Through theatre games, narrative techniques, music and movement the elderly exercise their expression and creativity. Through the workshops they improve life quality, while developing their imagination and spirit. They increase cognitive clarity, body function and rhythm while improving memory as well as pre-existing kinetic problems.

October 2018 – June 2019

Collaborators: Εpikentro- Action Aid Hellas

Beneficiaries: 17 seniors


#2: Reintegration of women into the labor market (2019)

Women of productive age get trained in disappearing, but still on demand, jobs. At the same time, they deepen their knowledge on their legal rights as workers in the labor market and on the different options of establishing their own enterprises, either social or individual.


#3: Click and Change (2019)

Second generation immigrants highlight the difficulties of living as equals in the society through the art of photography.


  • Second generation migrants to raise their voice
  • To increase public awareness on the issues of second-generation migrants
  • To use the art of photography as a means of expression and activation

#1: Mytho-logical world

Five groups of elderly and younger people from five different neighborhoods of Athens co-create an intergenerational theatrical performance for unfulfilled love. Each group is responsible for a different piece of the show: acting, movement, music, singing, scenery / costume design.

December 2016 – Μay 2017

Funded by: Robert Bosch Foundation

Collaborators: Municipality of Athens, / Symmaxoi Ygeias – Medicine School of Athens

Beneficiaries: 50 seniors, 15 younger people


#2: The happiness campaign

Seniors get exposed for the first time in social media (Facebook and Instagram), get trained and create a social media campaign about Happiness during Third Age.

November 2017 - March 2018

Collaborators: Municipality of Athens

Funded by: Latsis Foundation

Beneficiaries: 30 seniors


#3: Facebook 65+

A team of seniors along with the People Behind team co-create a learning method on Facebook for Third Age people.

April 2018 - June 2018

Collaborators: Athens Municipality Culture Network (Theotokopoulou House) and Innovathens (Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens)

Beneficiaries: 25 elderly

Municipality of Athens

Epikentro – Action Aid Hellas

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People Behind has hosted an ad hoc practitioner in psychotherapy through art during the project Mytho-logical world. At this time, it is not possible to host an intern in the Organization.


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