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Epanekkinisis, which stands for “restart” in Greek, is a crowdsourcing non-profit activity aiming to collect donations and to provide to all students in Greece with a used refurbished laptop as well as facilitate extracurricular education in computer technology giving a chance to students to understand the true benefits of computing and the Internet beyond social media, games and watching videos online.

The main goal of Epanekkinisis is to donate refurbished laptops to Greek-based public schools and other educational institutions, which often lack in up-to-date IT equipment.

Our vision is to promote innovation by helping talented young students to realise their potential, as well as to enable university graduates to understand how computers are repaired and the public to be effectively involved with social recucling of IT equipment based activities.

Epanekkinisis meets three core objectives: a) providing primary school and high-school students with laptops that have an integrated, user-friendly educational software,

b) encouraging and training individuals to obtain technical skills, and lastly, c) promoting social recycling and volunteering by refurbishing unused equipment and give back to the local community.

Giorgos Makridis, Service Manager, Co-founder

Socratis Vlassis, Software Manager, Co-founder

Vasilis Sarapxanas, Project Manager & HR Manager, Business Planning

Iordanis Kalantidis, Project Manager

Charis Notis, Project Manager, Store Manager Kypseli

Alexandros Karaxalios, Technical Support Engineer

One Used Laptop Per Student

Epanekkinisis is addressing infrastructure deficiencies in Information and Communication Technologies faced by primary schools and high schools throughout Greece, by facilitating the donation of old laptop and computer received from individuals and businesses.


Technical Support Engineer Training Seminars

Practical Training Seminars on how to repair and upgrade PCs and other electronic devices (duration 4 weeks).

Technicians who have practical experience in computer repair is a sought-after professional. Our action has many old computers for repair as well as all the necessary equipment, know-how and trainers for the practical training of the volunteer. Through a series of practical lessons and continual repetition of repairs in real working conditions, we are giving the opportunity to acquire relevant experience.

From a simple printer to the most sophisticated smartphone, today's technicians rely on gaining experience in the availability of repair equipment to be trained and work faster and more efficiently.

The training seminars offer:

  • Access to seminars, educational visits and social entrepreneurship reports.
  • Assigning real repairs with unlimited hours of internship.
  • Education and participation in social activities in co-operation with other social actions.
  • Courses by experienced professionals in electronic repairs, IT and telecommunication.

During the seminar, the trainees are in contact with the whole spectrum of the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and PC peripherals.

School computer and laptop reciprocate recycling competitions

The purpose of these competitions is to motivate schools to get to know the world of social and contributory recycling, to sensitize students to reuse and through their own mobilization, to cultivate their ecological consciousness in practice.

We have so far been able to equip 15 schools in the 6th Athens Municipal District with over 40 complete computer sets.

During the competition students can donate (functional or non-functional) devices from the following 4 categories:

  • desktop computers
  • laptop computers
  • flat screens
  • peripheral systems (speakers, keyboards, mouse, etc.)

Any transfer to / from school is covered by EPANEKKINISIS.

The awards will be a complete computer set in each school for the IT classroom.

Each participating school automatically wins a complete reusable computer set (tower, screen, mouse, keyboard).

Each class that that has collected the largest amount of devices in one of the four categories wins a complete reusable computer set.

When the competition is completed, the results are announced on www.epanekkinisis.gr

The computers provided in schools contain educational applications related to the school courses, which are certified by the Ministry of Education.


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