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IO6. Audiovisual instructive package

Watch the NGEurope’s videos. Here you will find videos that briefly present the project, complement several of the other resources, showcases successful NGOs in Europe and summarizes the project’s development.

NGEurope Teaser

What is NGEurope? Who is it for and who are the partners?

Find out here!

Induction to Mentoring Interns in NGOs

Watch these videos and get some tips on how to welcome and mentor your interns and volunteers.

 1. How can you help your interns? Watch here.

 2. Adult Learning Approaches. Watch here.

 3. What can the intern do? Watch here.

 4. Westport Tidy Towns – testimonial. Watch here.

Training Course

Do you want to know more about the NGEurope training course? Watch these videos and find out.

 1. Understanding the Basics of Social and Green NGOs. Watch here.

 2. Best Tips and Tricks of Social and Green NGOs. Watch here.

 3. Get ready to Create Social and Green NGOs. Watch here.

Did the videos interest you? Access the training course materials here

Edible Landscape Project

The Edible Landscape Project is a very successful and impactful Irish NGO based in Westport.

Founded in 2012, this NGO focuses on the link between climate change and food production and empowers individuals and communities to take care of nature and protect the planet.

Get to know more about this NGO here. Subtitles available in all project’s languages.

Ocean Alive

Ocean Alive is a Portuguese NGO, based in Setubal, focused on the protection of a very special marine habitat – the seagrass meadows. They actively involved the local fishing community in this mission and work regularly with local schools.

Get to know more about this NGO here. Subtitles available in all project’s languages

NGEurope Final Video

As a small documentary, this video summarizes the NGEurope project, its goals and its results.

Find out here.

NGEurope Final Conference

The Final Conference was intended to be held in Portugal in April 2020 but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was held online on May 29, 2020. In this conference, the partners shared their experience participating in the NGEurope project, the project’s results were presented and we had four invited speakers representing three different NGOs and the Portuguese National Erasmus+ Agency.

This conference is available online and you can watch it here.


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