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The Erasmus+ NGEurope project arose from the need to promote community participation and active citizenship in the environmental and social fields in Europe and to demonstrate the importance and impact that the third sector can have on these issues both locally and globally. With five partner countries – Austria, Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain - the main objective of the project is to train a new generation of community leaders and to support existing community movements and NGOs hoping to develop and strengthen the third sector across Europe.

In order to achieve this, it is important to first look at the reality in each country and analyse how the communities perceive the third sector. This report consists of an analysis of the public perception of the work and importance of NGOs and other civic
movements in solving common problems in each of the five partner countries.

Hopefully this report will help to create a framework for NGEurope and a base from which all the outputs of the project will be created and adapted to each country reality.

Output Name
IO2: Induction to Pedagogy for NGO staff Induction to Mentoring NGO Interns
I01: NGOs accross Europe: A research report to diagnose opportunities and needs Summary research project

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About NGEurope

NGEurope: Promoting European social cohesion through leadership and change engagement by NGOs

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