• 29 Nov, 2017

Soria hosted this week the NGEurope launch meeting, an acronym for the European project Promoting European social cohesion through leadership and change engagement by NGOs, with which seven entities from five European countries intend to improve their leadership capacity in organizations that promote sustainability, fundamentally in the forestry and environmental field.

The project will develop materials and provide in-person training in all countries, to promoters and leaders of citizen organizations that focus their work on the environment, society and economic development.

In that sense, the project will pay special attention to organizations that address environmental issues and promote social integration, creating jobs for socially segregated or poorly trained people. The members of the NGEurope project will thus work on the guidelines of the European Union that, through the EU2020 policies, promote "smart, sustainable and inclusive growth".

After the meeting held this week at the headquarters of Cesefor, in Soria, the partners of the project highlight that this initiative arose from the evidence that "citizen organizations have gained a leading role in recent years, due to their independence, ability to civic engagement and mobilization, potential for awareness and real impacts, and also taking into account the financial, social and humanitarian crisis facing Europe. A great variety of NGOs is needed to impact the sustainability of society ".

The project accommodates a wide spectrum of organizations, since even the smallest "can foster a considerable local impact and provide a more specialized service to meet the needs of the closest communities," they say from NGEurope.