Social Cooperative with Limited Liability of the 7th Sector of Mental Health “Archipelagos” – Archipelagos Social Coop

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“Archipelagos” is a social cooperative enterprise aiming to create job opportunities for people with psychosocial problems, immigrants/refugees and other socially vulnerable people. It is a private law cooperative, with commercial status and can develop any economic activity in the primary, secondary and tertiary economy sector.

At the same time, it is also a "mental health unit" supervised by the Ministry of Health, as it contributes to the treatment and (as far as possible) financial self-sufficiency of people with psychosocial problems.

Like all Social Cooperatives of Limited Liability (KOSSP), Archipelagos is also a financial private-law entity with limited liability of its members. It aims to socially and professionally integrate people with psychosocial problems, while it can develop any economic activity.

The administration of the Cooperative is under a 7-member Board of Directors, while the responsibility for monitoring and controlling of the administration has a 3-member Board of Supervisors. Both are elected by a General Assembly of the members.

The following members are also involved in the "Archipelagos" team: Financial Administrators-Accountants, a qualified Team of Support and Staff Care (with Psychologists, Social Workers, Social Scientists, Work Counsellors), executives (coordinators and supervisors) responsible for the sectors (a) provision of cleaning services, (b) selling of ‘second hand’ items, (c) catering, (d) communication and development, (e) administration and management (f) communication and development, (g) administration and management, (h) ) technical support and (i) ISO certification. Executives of all sectors of the Cooperative are either employed under employment contracts or solidary members of the Cooperative or volunteers and are getting involved in accordance with the ongoing projects.

The Cooperative administration has a democratic, horizontal and interdisciplinary form with weekly coordination meetings and / or respective group meetings depending on the projects (ongoing or under development).

1)         Cleaning Services

Archipelagos has successfully developed premises cleaning services from 2015 until today.

It serves more than 15 public and private-law organizations, such as EOF, EOPYY, EFKA, EDIKA, Greek Hydrocarbons, Public Gas Networks, Mental Health Research Institute, Médecins Sans Frontières and others.

More than 40 people are employed in the cleaning services sector.


2)         Second Hand Shop

A second-hand shop with objects such as toys, books, faux bijoux, home design, decoration and gift items, clothes, bags and accessories at very low prices.

The store operates in Kypseli Municipal Market and its income supports the employment of people with psychosocial problems. Today, 5 employees and a significant number of volunteers are active in the store.

In addition to job creation, Second Hand Shop aspires to become a tool for interventions and actions promoting re-use, recycling, cyclical economy and zero waste practices.


3)         Buildings’ Minor Repairs Services

The object of the activity is the undertaking of buildings’ small repairs (painting, maintenance, window repairs, arrangements etc.).

The activity currently employs 7-8 people (craftsmen) with recurrent employment.


4)         Catering

It is an activity which will be developped in the next 2-3 months. Free provision of food preparation facilities (kitchen premises) has been ensured and the following individual activities will be developed:

4.1 provision of meals to hospitals of Attica region

4.2 operation of 2-3 small shops with high-quality and cheap food take away

4.3 operation of pop up restaurant with intercultural features

4.4 provision of meals to schoolchildren, guests in refugee centers, etc.

4.5 classic style catering for social or scientific events

4.6 provision of training and skills development services in the catering sector

A total of more than 50 jobs (chefs, cooks, cook assistants, kitchen assistants, catering waiters, administrative staff, drivers, etc.) are expected to be created in the catering activity.

Archipelagos Social Cooperative co-operates with almost all public mental health units in Attica. It also cooperates with a significant number of organizations, bodies, non-governmental organizations, other social cooperatives and social cooperative enterprises, as well as private sector companies. Indicatively:

"Syn-eirmos" AMKE of Social Solidarity,

"Babel", Mental Health Unit for Refugees / Immigrants,

University Research Institute for Mental Health and Medical Precision,

IASON, AMKE Providing Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services,

PROAGOGI, AMKE Promoting Knowledge for Mental Disorders,

Doctors Without Borders,

IASIS AMKE Providing Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services,



Greek Council for Refugees,

Caritas Hellas,

United Nations High Commission for Refugees,

ARSIS, Youth Support Organization,

Connect Athens, Volunteer Organization,

Fabric Republic, Clothing Recycling Program,

Generation 2, organization for young immigrants,

ASANTE, organization for immigrants’ support,

Impact Hub Athens, and others.

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