“NG Europe”, is an international Erasmus project that empowers community leaders to take action on social and environmental issues.   The programme will empower individuals and leaders of community organisations to create new opportunities in their local area that will enable them to increase their impact in protecting their local environment.

NG Europe Erasmus Training Programme will do this by:

Inspiring environmental leadership in communities

Providing education  and training  for environmental leaders in their local communities

Empowering organisations to protect their local environment

NG Europe will engage with individuals and communities interested in green and social entrepreneurship training, helping them to develop their idea into a viable enterprise, which can act as a catalyst in creating social and environmental change.

Good Practices

Ocean Alive – Cooperativa para a educação criativa marinha, CRL
Ocean Alive its dedicated to protecting the ocean though marine education and involving women from the local fishing community.
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Main Areas of intervention
Environmental Action Community Involvement Environmental Education
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Grupo Lobo
Grupo Lobo’s mission is to promote the conservation of the wolf and its ecosystem in Portugal and foster the general public interest in ecological issues.
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Main Areas of intervention
Environmental Action Environmental Education
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Associação Cura+
Associação Cura+ is an association of pharmacists that develops education and health projects that aim to combat the illiteracy in health issues.
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Main Areas of intervention
Social Inclusion Health & Wellness
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Fermenta Associação
Fermenta aims to promote social and cultural valorisation through responsible design.
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Main Areas of intervention
Social Enterprise
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30POR1LINHA – Associação Sociocultural e Ambiental
30POR1LINHA is an association of national and international scope that aims to revaluate, preserve and promote oral culture and traditions, as well as the defence of the environment, through the conservation of nature and biodiversity.
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Main Areas of intervention
Enviromental Awareness
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Lastest News

Jul 06, 2018
First NGEurope training course

The NGEurope partners are getting ready for the project's first training course, which will take place in

First Multiplier Event of the NGEurope project
May 31, 2018
NGEurope promotes good practices in social and environmental NGOs

On the 25th and 26th of May, the first Multiplier Event of the NGEurope project was held in Lousada.

What we think

“NGEurope is a great opportunity for those wanting to take action in their communities, but feeling alone, lost, or somehow afraid to fight for what they believe in! Join us, share, learn, find your peers, and… boom! Make it happen!"

Milene Matos

“Managed effectively, our local environment has the potential to deliver significant tangible economic, social, health and wellbeing benefits to people for generations. There is increased  threat to some of our most sensitive habitats, but managing that demand effectively will mitigate such risk. NG Europe will bring significantly more people into contact with the natural environment, creating opportunities for environmental education, raising awareness of our unique natural heritage and the duty for its continued protection and enhancement.”

Maura Lyons
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NGEurope: Promoting European social cohesion through leadership and change engagement by NGOs

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