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IO3. Training Course Package

The objective of this course is to share some practical knowledge about how to manage an NGO, identify the skills needed to be a successful NGO leader, and provide important tools to those looking to start a new project. But mainly it aims to motivate and inspire the participants to get involved in their community and become role models as NGO leaders.


Course Schedule

Module 01 - Training Course Welcome

Module 02 - From Traditional to Social Entrepreneurship

Module 03 - The Basics of Social NGOs

Module 04 - The Basics of Green NGOs

Module 05 - First Steps for setting up an NGO

Module 06 - Tools for Creating an NGO

Module 07 - Managing NGOs

Module 08 - Balance your Personality- Skills vs. Fears

Module 09 - Workshop on Skills Development

Module 10 - The Importance of Networking

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