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NGEurope: Promoting European social cohesion through leadership and change engagement by NGOs

The EC recognizes‘ NGOs have become essential actors in the social field, particularly in the fight against poverty and social exclusion’. The understanding of the tight relation between environment and society is central in the EU2020 agenda and is essential for the long-term sustainability of both society and the environment.

The 5 targets for the EU in 2020 are: employment, innovation, climate change, education and poverty/social exclusion, and being interrelated and mutually reinforcing, set a framework that allows multiple ways of promoting active citizenship and sustainability through an inclusive and intelligent method. 

The UN admit the healthy ecosystems as a human right, and called on states to recognise defenders of biodiversity as defenders of human rights.

NGEurope focuses on skills development and training of new NGO leaders that will foster green entrepreneurship through socially inclusive and sustainable practices. The project will demonstrate, as intended by the European Commission, that green entrepreneurship is an effective means to boost employment and the efficient use of natural and social capital.

NGEurope will particularly encourage NGOs that tackle environmental issues while fostering social integration by creating jobs for socially segregated or low-skilled persons.

The NGEurope project gathers experts from different fields – from environmental protection to social entrepreneurship including IT technology and governance – and its action will be based on thorough desk and field research that will be developed in a wide geographical area covering southern, northern and central Europe.

The project outputs include specific trainings tailored for NGO leaders and staff, motivational engagement materials, an original observatory for NGO best practice and impact potential, a step-by-step ‘survival’ guide for NGO founding and funding, a full laymen report on lessons learned, and also a policy paper that will recommend a course of action directly to decision-makers regarding the NGO sector.

Direct and indirect participants will gain key competences to embrace sustainability and align their individual expectations with nature conservation, social inclusion and economic growth.

NGEurope will help creating a more generalized will to shift Europe and its communities towards true sustainability, empowering citizens and local actors with the needed skills to do so. 

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NGEurope: Promoting European social cohesion through leadership and change engagement by NGOs

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