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Etopia Center for Art & TechnologyAvda. Ciudad Soria 850010 Zaragoza.
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The objectives of the Foundation are:

- To promote the progress of the Knowledge Society in Zaragoza in all areas of citizen life, as a way of achieving a more innovative, creative, participative society open to the new development expectations offered by science and technology.

- Spread scientific culture and knowledge in all social sectors, especially among young people.

- To favour the extension of the opportunities offered by the new information and communication technologies to all citizens, with specific attention to the social groups most at risk of suffering the so-called digital exclusion.

- To promote Zaragoza's leading role nationally and internationally in the field of science and technology through the organisation and sponsorship of relevant events and initiatives within the scope of the Foundation's aims.

- To support public or private projects in the field of science and technology that contribute to the achievement of the Foundation's objectives.

- To contribute to the scientific and technological development of Zaragoza, especially in areas that open up new opportunities for companies and that allow the provision of municipal public services to be improved.

- To make Zaragoza an advanced city in the use of new information technologies and in the social debate on their different implications.

- Collaborate in the development of the Milla Digital project, as one of the citizen scenarios where progress towards the Knowledge Society can be intensively materialised.

- Encourage the creation of local production content in electronic format and its distribution through the Internet and other channels.

- To carry out, directly or indirectly, studies and research in order to know the current situation and its evolution regarding the Knowledge Society and its implications for the city and its future development.

- To collaborate in the achievement of the strategic objectives that Zaragoza City Council sets itself in the area of the Knowledge Society.

- Mariano Salvador, Managing Director.

- Ana Quintana, Director of Programs and Projects.

- María Tosat, Cultural Mediator.

- Susana Moreno, Administrative and Management Assistance.

- Guillermo Malón, IT and web design

European Intelligence Laboratory ARTificial

European network to work, through culture, the impact of artificial intelligence

Over the next three years (2019/2021), the European ARTificial Intelligence Laboratory will bring AI-related scientific and technological issues to the general public and artistic audiences in order to contribute to a critical and reflective society. The project, co-financed by the European Union's Creative Europe programme, will focus on aspects beyond the technological and economic horizon to analyse cultural, psychological, philosophical and spiritual aspects. From the perspective of 13 major cultural operators in Europe, the European ARTificial Intelligence Laboratory focuses on the visions, expectations and fears that we associate with the conception of the artificial intelligence of the future. An extensive programme of activities in the form of exhibitions, laboratories, workshops, conferences, talks, performances, concerts and residences will promote interdisciplinary work, transnational mobility and intercultural exchange.

Together with Fundación Zaragoza Ciudad del Conocimiento, the following cultural agents form part of the European ARTificial Intelligence Laboratory:

- Ars Electronica (Austria)

- Center for the promotion of science (Serbia)

- Laboral Centro de Arte (Asturias, Spain)

- Kapelica Gallery (Slovenia)

- Science Gallery (Ireland)

- Onassis Cultural Center (Greece)

- Clickfestival organised by Culturyard (Denmark)

- GLUON project dependent on the BOZAR centre (Belgium)

- Waag Society (Netherlands)

- L'Atelier Art Science (France)

- SOU Festival (Germany)



Learning and experimentation for boys and girls in the fields of arts, technology and science

Etopia Kids is a learning and experimentation programme in the fields of arts, technology and science, aimed at girls and boys between the ages of 6 and 18, organised by the Foundation Zaragoza Ciudad del Conocimiento (FZC), the Ibercaja Foundation and the Zaragoza City Council.

The project began in the summer of 2013 with the first urban colony Etopia Kids, obtaining immediate recognition for its innovative character and social impact. Proof of this is its inclusion that same year among the eight cases of best European practices on digital inclusion and citizen participation selected by EUROCITIES, the main European network of cities.

The objective of Etopia Kids is to surprise and inspire the youngest through play and experimentation, using technological elements as a means and not as an end in itself, making active and creative use of the devices within their reach, and promoting a change in their relationship with technology that allows them to move from a passive role of consumption, to another active one of prosumption and creation of digital content, audiovisual projects and techno-scientific developments.

Thus, Etopia Kids works to promote scientific and creative vocations through the creation of positive and significant experiences for children in areas such as video game programming, digital arts, 3D design, electronics, audiovisual communication, creation of environments for virtual reality, biochemistry, development of artificial intelligence, production of digital content for social networks, sound experimentation, botany or digital manufacturing.

To this end, over these seven years Etopia Kids has been growing and expanding its reach, designing programs to encourage the participation of new audiences, as well as offering continuity in content to a community of almost 1000 families from Zaragoza loyal to this educational project.

Etopia Curatorship Scholarship

Call to support the professionalisation of agents in the exhibition curatorship


The Etopia Curatorship Grant is a call promoted by the Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation for Etopia Art and Technology Centre with the aim of supporting the professionalisation of agents of the art world in the curatorship of exhibitions, as well as promoting the dissemination of unpublished exhibition projects focused on the interaction of art, science, technology and society.

Etopia Cultural Mediation

Programme aimed at strengthening Etopia's relationship with the citizens of Zaragoza

The Cultural Mediation Programme promoted by the Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation for Etopia Art and Technology Centre aims to implement a new working methodology that promotes more direct work with citizens, as well as the creation of communication channels between the different agents, projects, collectives and spaces that coexist in a centre of this complexity.

This program arises as a response to the need, detected through various studies, research and internal working documents, to incorporate a Mediation Program to Etopia that allows the establishment of productive communities interdisciplinary and heterogeneous, generate interactions with local communities and institutions, promote community intervention projects and ultimately, strengthen the relationship of the center with the citizens of Zaragoza.

Zaragoza City Council

Ibercaja's Welfare Projects

University of Zaragoza

University of San Jorge

Aurelia Modrego of the Carlos III University of Madrid,

Carmen Ascaso, researcher at the Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas,

Diego Gutierrez, Professor at the University of Zaragoza

The writer and theorist Remedios Zafra from the University of Seville.

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