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Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa. Edifício C2. Campo Grande

1749-016 Lisboa. PORTUGAL

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The Grupo Lobo is an independent, non-profit, nongovernmental environmental association, recognized with the status of Public Utility, founded on September 18th, 1985. Its mission is to work for the conservation of the wolf and its ecosystem in Portugal and foster interest in this species and the science associated with it by informing the general public about these issues. It is also the aim of this Association to make efforts to establish the legal, ecological and socioeconomic conditions indispensable for the effective conservation of the national lupine population.

Within the scope of the Signatus Program, the Grupo Lobo has initiated a strategy whose areas of action aim at informing public opinion, supporting scientific studies and promoting practical conservation measures.

The Grupo Lobo team is mostly composed of biologists, master’s in ecology and conservation, with extensive experience in the subjects related to conservation, ecology and biology of the Iberian wolf, as well as in the methodologies of study of this predator.

Cattle Dog Program (Programa Cão de Gado)

Recovery Centre for the Iberian Wolf

Lupine population Monitoring

LIFE COEX - Improving the coexistence of large carnivores with agricultural activities in southern European countries

LIFE MEDWOLF - Good practices for the conservation of the wolf in Mediterranean regions

Hydroelectric use of Baixo Sabor: compensatory measure 8 (MC8) - Protection and valorization program of the Iberian wolf: Action MC8.3 - Reduction of conflicts with the population

Corridors for wildlife: spatial modeling of human pressure and its usefulness for the conservation of the Iberian wolf

Lupine population monitoring in wind farms in the north and center of the country

Associação ALDEIA


Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes (cE3c)

Sciences Faculty of the University of Lisbon

National Institute for Agrarian and Veterinary Research

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Yes. The Grupo Lobo welcomes trainees for ongoing projects, particularly in the lupine population monitoring projects and the Iberian Lobo Recovery Centre.


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